Viral Marketing Ideas And Examples – 7 Powerful Strategies

ecently I’m thinking of more viral marketing ideas and examples that I can use for my online businesses. As the saying goes, give and thou shall receive. Here I am giving you my best kept viral marketing ideas. If you’ve come across any others, feel free to share them in the comments below.

1. Organize a referral contest

Organizing a referral contest has been an old-schooled viral marketing idea, yet it is still extremely effective. The thing about contest is that it can stir up people’s adrenaline and encourage people to work extra hard to promote for you.

For example, you can create a referral contest with 2 chances of winning. First chance is a lucky draw, where those who refer just 4 people to your website can quality to win say $100. Second chance is top referral, where the best 3 referrals can walk away with $1000 each. This way, you can encourage everyone to refer at least 4 people while at the same time give the power affiliates a chance to show their full potential.

2. Provide free ‘viral’ online services

Whenever I talk about free viral services, I like to mention Google. Besides being a search engine, Google has really created tons of useful applications, such as Google Map, Google Doc, Google Analytics, Google Mail, etc that we can use free. Whenever we use these applications, we are indirectly helping Google to establish its branding and increase its market awareness.

In fact, this is the model that our website,, is adopting. For example, we create free tools like Slidesense and MYOB list builder script that members can use for free. Since all our tools carries a link to our website, as more and more people use our tools, even more people are checking us out. We have been online since 2008 and you can see from our Alexa ranking that we are still very strong. This viral strategy has contributed to our success significantly.

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