Set Your Creativity Ablaze: 7 Ways To Generate New Ideas

At my company, ideas are our bread and butter, and generating them is what we do every day. We’re often asked how we maintain a steady supply of brilliant ideas for our clients. “Don’t you get stuck?” “Don’t the ideas just . . . run out?” Absolutely not!

The secret is to develop and maintain habits in our everyday lives that keep our brains bursting with an endless supply of marvelous ideas. Here are a few smart habits that we have come to rely on:

1. Use Structured Exercises

Contrary to popular belief, creativity thrives on structure. And there are hundreds of simple exercises you can implement to train your brain, focus your thoughts, and yield great ideas.

One of my favorites comes from Edward de Bono’s book How to Have Creative Ideas: 62 Ideas to Develop the Mind. ‘‘Storyline’’ is an exercise that requires ‘‘constructive creativity.’’ It’s a simple process – select four words at random and create a story using the random words, in no particular order. Try to make your story as interesting as possible. It’s worth exploring alternative exercises to find out what works best for you.


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