Only look at these 22 adorable puppies if you’re having a bad day

We’ve all had one of those days, haven’t we? A day when nothing seems to be going your way and you’re in a pretty miserable mood. Nothing can cheer you up. Nothing, except for 22 adorable puppies!

If you’re in a good mood today then get ready to stop reading. But before you do make sure you bookmark this post for when you need some emergency cuteness. And if you’re in a bad mood hopefully our super cute hearing dog puppies can lift your spirits.

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Let us know if they’ve helped!

First to try and cheer you up is fluffy Tumble and his adorable smile.

Cute puppy garden

Next to try is Ruffles and his big puppy dog eyes.

Hearing dog puppy cute

Not smiling yet? Here’s a three-week-old hearing dog puppy getting their first manicure.

puppy cute

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