Dog Portrait Photography by Tim Flach

Dog Portrait Photography is not normally seen as an art– but it is through the perspective of British photographer Tim Flach.  Flach has produced a series of fascinating dog portraits that explore the many breeds and characteristics of man’s best friend.  These images are truly gallery worthy, a set that is at once creative and compelling, playful and informative.

Flach has released his collection of dog portraits in a recent book titled, simply, Dogs– available for $31.50 and ready for your coffee table.  Each image is accompanied by a short description of the breed in question, including a bit about its character and grooming traits.  I’m enamored with that pair of Doberman Pinschers below, but I’m a bit partial to the breed.  Their ears have been cropped, or cut, then taped up to give them an upright appearance.  My Red Doberman, a rescue, is lucky enough to have both his ears and his tail– two of the most expressive parts of his anatomy…  [mymodernmet]

Dog Photography by Tim Flach 7 Dog Portrait Photography by Tim Flach

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