DIY Vacuum Pump-10 Interesting And Easy To Do Projects

A DIY vacuum pump is easier to make than you might think, plus with all the applications a homemade vacuum pump can be used in, everyone needs to build one or two. If you have been wanting one but didn’t want to pay the price the stores demand, follow the instructions for one of these 10 DIY vacuum pumps and build your own . Great for use in the hobby or craft room, and also use to seal food in airtight packaging for less waste.

  1. Fridge Compressor Vacuum Pump

An old refrigerator that still has a good compressor is a gold mine. Remove the compressor and follow these detailed instructions for making a vacuum pump.

Fridge Compressor Vacuum Pump

  1. Venturi Style

Using two liquids that create the vacuum power and spending less than $25, you can use these pictorial instructions for building a small vacuum pump that is surprisingly powerful.


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