BEST DIY: 15 Off Grid Washing Machines-Do Your Laundry Without Electricity

An off grid washing machine will enable you to have clean clothes without the use of electricity. And who doesn’t like clean clothes? If you thought the only way to wash clothing off grid was to take them down to the creek and beat them against a rock, think again, These 15 off grid washing machines will show how to keep clothes clean while living in a remote location that is cut off from the power grid.

Lehman’s Own Hand Washer

This hand washing machine allows users to give clothes a thorough cleaning with a triangle-shaped agitator. The machine design keeps clothes submerged in water during the entire wash cycle.


Bucket Clothes Washer

Use a five gallon bucket and a plunger to do off grid laundry on your next camping trip. This bucket design is perfect for small loads of dirty clothes, plus the bucket can be used for other things when it’s not acting as a manual washing machine.


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