7 of the Most Scenic Ski Locations around the World

For the ardent skier, nothing beats skiing in a picturesque location during winter – it makes you feel exhilarated and connected with nature and gives you a soul moving experience all at once. A first-rate destination is the ultimate key to a legendary winter vacation. Luckily, there are more than enough skiing locations with idyllic environments for skiers, and even though not everyone may agree on the parameters used in ranking each one of them, the following locations certainly make the cut.

1. Muju, South Korea

Tucked in a rugged interior of South Korea’s Jeiollabuk-do province, Muju Ski Resort is one of Asia’s most outstanding skiing spots. While here, you can get to enjoy spectacular views of the Mt Deogyo National Park as you glide through a 6km stretch of snow – the longest slope in Korea. Nocturnal skiing enthusiasts are guaranteed of even more fun at night and if you are one of them, you can literally have the whole place to yourself. There are plenty of nice restaurants and small joints around where you can get your energy levels back up when you need to.

2. Jackson Hole, Jackson

Jackson Hole has been touted as the place to be for all the extreme skiers and hardcore snowboarders and this is obviously for some good reasons. With its peak elevation at an outstanding 10,450 ft, Jackson Hole offers some challenging terrain for those in need of an adrenaline fix. Just a short distance from this resort is the Museum of Wildlife art and the Bridger Teton National Forest which are great places to take a breather when you are not out on the trails.

3. Zell am See, Austria

A skiing location is more than just the slopes, and this is what merits Zell am See’s inclusion in this list. Zell am Seehas one of the most outstanding ski settings with over approximately 80 Miles of slopes. The place caters for new, intermediate as well as expert skiers, with runs specifically designed for each group. While in this lakeside town, skiers can also take a boat trip or hop into the numerous bars around and grab a cold drink.

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