20 DIY Barn Doors To Add A Rustic Touch Your Home Needs

A DIY barn door is a perfect solution to many of your homes privacy needs. DIY sliding barn doors can be used as window treatments, interior doors and exterior doors. This stylish and practical solution adds a rustic touch to any space while using less floor space. All floor space around the door can be used since none has to be allotted for an opening and closing swing that traditional doors need. Using some of these barn door plans to create window treatments will also improve the health of anyone suffering from dust allergies since it will limit the amount of fabric curtains needed. Whether for health or decorative reasons, a DIY barn door will add that rustic touch your home needs.

Window Treatments

Add character and privacy to any room with sliding barn doors over the windows. Use these plans to create the right size for your window. Paint to match any home decor.

diy barn door

Laundry Room Door

Laundry rooms are needed in every home, but are not desired daily views. Conceal all the machinery, laundry products and the dirty laundry behind a stylish and functional DIY barn door. These tutorial videos and pictorial instructions  make building a barn door a cinch for both novice and seasoned DIY’er.

Laundry Room Barn Door

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