15 Superpowers Even Superheroes Keep Forgetting They Have

Even with all the superhero movies that came out last year and are still to come this year, 2018 looks to be the year of the superheroes, with over 10 movies and TV shows officially premiering. It’s truly amazing, especially since the cinematic portrayal of these superheroes are getting more comic book-accurate. From casting to wardrobe, networks and studios are finally capturing what made these characters so iconic in the first place— but they are still forgetting something.

Many of these superheroes are immensely powerful, and so great is their power, that they sometimes forget they have a whole arsenal of abilities that they don’t even use. Even in the comics, many of our favorite superheroes tend to forget there’s more to their powers than what they’ve accustomed themselves to, limiting their abilities completely.

Most of the time, if they had used their secret abilities, battles that took hours to end would’ve concluded in mere minutes, or less. And there are other abilities that are so cool and unique, it’s pretty surprising these superheroes have never even used them before.

From DC Comics to Marvel and other properties, here are 15 Superpowers Even Superheroes Keep Forgetting They Have.


The Man of Steel has proven he can do everything and anything, and time travel is right up on that list. Barry Allen as the Flash is well-known for messing up the timeline, but if Superman was aware of his own time traveling ability, would be messing with the timeline as well. We’ve even seen him do it before, in the classic Christopher Reeve Supermanfilms. When Lois Lane died, Reeve’s Superman flew so fast around the Earth that he turned back time and saved Lois’s life.

Sure, it might sound a bit comical, but Superman doesn’t need to spin the Earth around to turn back time; he can just run like the Flash. Besides other speedsters, Superman is among the only superheroes who can go toe-to-toe in a race against the Flash— and beat him!

There’s been many confrontations in Superman’s long history that could’ve been quickly ended with some time-traveling fun– take for example the Injustice storyline. Instead of becoming a tyrannical leader after the Joker killed Lois Lane, Superman could’ve channeled his inner-Reeve and turn back time. (Of course, that wouldn’t have made for a great story. But still!)

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