10 common sense rules for amateurs

4. One practice swing.

Think about your shot. Rehearse your shot. Go! All practice swings beyond the first count as a stroke. Scientific studies will demonstrate, when we get around to them, that this restriction will make no difference whatsoever in your score.

5. Anchor Away! Anchor, don’t anchor, go sidesaddle or neck-rein for all we care.

Who are we to hold you back? CS rules require only that you get right to it.

6. Advice is Free.

If you want to know what someone hit, go ahead and ask. Remember, however, that someone may be lying.

7. Maximum 3-putt.

Three is plenty. Four is torture. So, borrowing loosely from baseball, “three putts and you walk.” This revision is based on the theory that four-putts have the power to eviscerate the love of even a great game like golf. People who enjoy watching their opponents four-putt should try lacrosse.

8. Cart Path Dispensation.

If you need a diagram to decide on which side of a cart path to drop, you’re lost. So here: If your ball winds up on a cart path, drop within 2 club lengths on the side of our choosing. If that gives you bit of an advantage, amen. If it puts more pressure on you, amen. If it speeds things up, hallelujah.

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