10 common sense rules for amateurs

You’ve no doubt heard that high-speed, slow motion cameras or pesky callers-in may no longer overturn your victory in the Sadie-Hawkins. Thank you, governing bodies. It got us to thinking: What if this “common sense” approach went viral? Without encroaching on the incredibly important professional game, or attempting to explain bifurcation, here are ten revisions aimed at making amateur play more enjoyable and over before dark.

1. Everything’s a lateral.

Eliminate out-of-bounds and treat all white stakes as red. Drop two club lengths from where the ball crossed the boundary and play on. No death marches back to the tee. Let your opponent chose the drop spot.

2. One touch on the green.

For all its hard work, the USGA and the R&A made greenside congestion worse recently by allowing the repair of spike marks. Even tour pros rolled their eyes at that one. Endless marking, cleaning, re-marking, fixing, re-cleaning, discussing-with-caddie, crouching and plumb-bobbing already bores the brains out of us. CS rules permit only ball-mark fixing. More important, they stipulate that you you may touch your ball only once on the green. Mark, clean, done. Do it when your get there. Or when you want to mark a short one. Use your “touch” wisely.

3. No Your Honor, your honor.

CS rules eliminate “honors.” On par 4s and par 5s players tee off in order of usual length off the tee, shortest hitter first. Another incentive to get longer. Elsewhere, fire when ready if the field is clear.

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