10 Cafe’s and Coffee Shops around the world that went digital with their loyalty program.

Your customers have enough junk in their wallets already. Good luck trying to get them to keep yet another paper or plastic loyalty card in their wallet. And even if they do keep it, they probably don’t even remember that it’s there.

Today’s customers want convenience, variety and personalization.

Learn how 10 cafe’s and coffeeshops from all corners of the the globe are using digital loyalty cards to step into the 21st century and increase traffic and revenues by turning visitors into loyal and happy customers.

Beamers Coffee — Canada

Beamers has been fuelling Canmore’s coffee lovers since 1994 and will be opening their third location this year.

Customers earn 1 stamp for every type of coffee beverage, tea beverage or hot chocolate drink at the time of in store purchased and earn a drink of choice after collecting 10 stamps.

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